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at Le Champ de l'Amant

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lat. 44.098 long. 5.698 alt. 920 m.

We are located between Saumane and L'Hospitalet, near Banon, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04). We have good access to the motorways (A51: north-south), the national highway (D4100 : east-west), the TGV (Avignon or Aix-en-Provence) and airports (Avignon, Marseille-Provence).

our mailing address and email:

Lynne Crytser and Claude Segalen

Le Champ de l'Amant, 04150 L'Hospitalet, FRANCE

telephone contact:

[33] (0) 6 60 80 97 80 or [33] (0) 4 92 77 30 19

Meet the owners: Lynne, Claude & Koa

My love affair with France, French literature and culture started early in life and has continued non-stop. I taught French in a California public high school for over thirty years and spent nearly every vacation, as well as some exchange and sabbatical years, in this country. So, when my kids grew up and I retired, moving to Provence full-time was totally natural. Meanwhile, I'd met Claude (a French stone mason who is passionate about "la vieille pierre") and we decided to buy a house in the Banon area, so it was equally natural that we chose an old farm building to restore. In addition to renovating this house, our favorite activities are hiking with Koa, our Irish Water Spaniel, sampling local restaurants, dining with friends, and (for Lynne) cooking (with the great basic ingredients available in the south of France).

We chose Le Champ de l'Amant for the BIG REASON: the quality of life, "la qualité de la vie." Living in rural France, we can have our cake and eat it too. No pollution, great food, a slower life style where people still take the time to savor meals, spend time together, practice the art of conversation and live in harmony with nature (including eating real foods that are in season). At the same time, we benefit from the best medical delivery system in the world (as rated by the World Health Organization), an excellent infrastructure, the benefits of technology, including high-speed internet, a fantastic transportation and communication network, a sense of style, personal discretion and respect. We live in the country, far from crowds, hype and glitz, feast our eyes every day on beautiful landscapes and lovely perched stone villages, surrounded by wonderful and diverse friends, yet we can be in downtown Marseille, the second largest city in France, in an hour and a half or take the TGV high-speed train and be in the center of Paris in less than three hours for an easy and stimulating weekend.

Living in harmony with the seasons for us means curling up in front of the fire with a glass of Côtes du Ventoux in the winter, walking up our valley and buying gorgeous artisanal goat cheeses from our neighbors in the spring, gazing at our glorious night skies or smelling freshly cut lavender in the summer, and hunting for delicious wild mushrooms on the hillside behind our house in the fall. Seriously, how could we envy anyone?


Papaver rhoeas

red poppy